Traveller's Information

Trip Advise

  • Bring your sunscreen
  • Pair of binoculars and the camera
  • Natural colour clothes
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen lotions
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Hats

Game drive etiquette.

To maximize the enjoyment of your game drive experience, it would be greatly appreciated if you follow the guidelines below:

  • Please do not smoke on the vehicles, mokoro or boats. This is in consideration of your fellow travellers and because of the fire risk. Your guide will gladly stop for the occasional smoke break should you ask them to.
  • It is recommended that you bring your binoculars, cameras, field guides and checklist on all game drives
  • Please keep voice levels to a minimum to avoid disturbing your fellow travellers and to avoid chasing the game away. Please feel free to discuss anything of this nature with your guide.
  • Please only stand in the vehicle if you have your guide's consent. Many animals will flee on seeing the outline of a human shape as opposed to the outline of the vehicle.
  • Please return with all your litter (cans, papers, film wrappers/cigarette buts etc. This may be left in the vehicle and will be removed by your guide.

Emergencies: We have built up a strong alliance with a reliable air rescue company and we guarantee you a 100% response in emergencies.

Accommodated adventures, single supplement: Booking Solo- You do not pay any more for travelling as a single person. If you are travelling as a single person (on your own), Savannah Delta Safaris will automatically room (tent) you with another same-gender single person. If however, you request a single tent (room), these are available on each tour. Please note that there is a limit of 2 single rooms (tent) available on each tour.


For the seasoned traveller- Join Savannah Delta Safaris for your habitable exploration travelling through the natural African routes. Our expeditions will take you to those unspoilt, pristine destinations that most people can only dream about.

You travel with an experienced guide and his assistant and five or more fellow guests in a 4x4 game viewer, to explore these remote and wild places. We have a start date and the end date, anything in between is pure adventure


Savanna Delta nature guides are essentially qualified to host and lead expeditions throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Through rigorous training, a high standard of guiding and service is maintained to add value to your adventurous expeditions.

Under Canvas camping is the absolute way to go. It's an awesome experience to lie in your tent at night listening to the roar of a lion, a whooping contact call of the spotted hyena, or the haunting cry of a jackal.

On safaris, you stay in designated camping sites in national parks, private game reserves, private campsites, and facilities in towns that provide hot water showers, electricity, a laundry mat, bars, and restaurants. Some campsites do not provide flush toilets, therefore we improvise with the shower bag and shower screen for your refreshing warm showers. The temporary toilet is dug out on the ground and a comfortable toilet seat is placed on top. After relieving ourselves, ash is used to cover the waste.

Wild camping is a true wilderness experience and we keep our impact on the environment to a minimum taking everything we take in.

The canvas dome tents we use are large (2.4,x2.4x 1.8 meters). It takes only 5 minutes to put them up and down. You will be provided with camp chairs, and mattresses, which are warm and comfortable. You don’t need to worry about cooking and eating utensils (crockery)they will be provided. We keep our food in sealed containers and coolers boxes or freezers ensuring fresh and hygienic food preparation.


About Us

Savanna Delta Safaris is owned by a warm-hearted nature loving family belonging to the indigenous tribe of the Okavango Delta. Passion and love of nature has compelled us to venture into the-tourism industry. Our aim is to encourage... Read More


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